Governor signs Jones bill that will protect children from sexual predators

Governor signs Jones bill that will protect children from sexual predators

LANSING— Children across Michigan will be safer under legislation signed into law on Tuesday by Gov. Rick Snyder, said sponsor Sen. Rick Jones. 

Public Act 2 of 2013  (Senate Bill 44) amends the Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA) to require that a registered sex offender convicted of certain Tier 1 offences against minors to be listed on the public website.

“Convicted sex offenders are organized into three tiers, with Tier 3 being the most serious and Tier 1 the least serious,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “Currently, Tier 1 offenders are registered in the law enforcement database but not the public database.”

Under PA 2, the following Tier 1 crimes would be listed on the public website.

• Possessing child pornography;
• Indecent exposure of oneself to a minor; 
• Unlawful imprisonment of a minor; and 
• Surveillance of a minor.

“Any parent or grandparent has the right to know if they are living next to someone who has a record of committing sexual crimes against minors,” Jones said. “This legislation allows parents to know if there are areas of the neighborhood they need to teach their children to avoid.”

It is estimated that this change in law will place an additional 250 people on the public registry at no cost to the state.

Two examples offered by the Michigan State police of the types of crimes against minors that will be added to the public registry are:

• An example of child pornography would be: A woman who watched her boyfriend sexually assault her 6-year old sister and photographed it.

• An example of unlawful imprisonment would be: A man who pulled an 8-year-old girl off of her bicycle, forced her into his house, and began fondling her.