Jones and Anderson introduce legislation to ban e-cigarettes for minors

LANSING- A bipartisan package of legislation that would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes and nicotine cartridges to minors as well as ban minors from possessing these objects was introduced in the Michigan Senate on Wednesday, said sponsor Sen. Rick Jones.

“There is nothing I can do from stopping a legal adult from smoking a cigarette,” said Jones, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “However, introducing young children to a smoking culture before they turn 18 is both irresponsible and dangerous.”

Senate Bills 667 and 668 were introduced by state Jones, R-Grand Ledge and Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland.

“These electronic cigarettes can beevery bit as addictive as regular tobacco cigarettes and the fact that a child of any age can legally purchase them is outrageous,” Anderson said. “There is a proper place in Michigan for e-cigarettes, but it isn’t in the hands of our children.”

The legislation would treat stores who sold electronic cigarettes or nicotine cartridges to minors the same way as if they sold them tobacco. Minors who possessed these items would be treated the same as if they were in possession of tobacco.

“This is a bipartisan effort to help protect children across Michigan,” Jones said. “If a legal adult wants to smoke, that is their decision. But I firmly believe we need to do everything in our power to keep anything resembling a cigarette out of the hands of children.”