Jones: Bernero proposes $1.3 million Sidewalk to Nowhere

LANSING – Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, reports complaints are coming into his office about Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s proposed $1.3 million sidewalk plan, which the mayor has been urging the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission to approve with no input from residents.

Jones said residents are wondering: With all the infrastructure needs in the tri-county area and with all the municipal budget problems, why spend precious tax dollars on a walk-way at this time? This would involve not only Lansing, but also Lansing Township and funds available to the tri-county regional planning.

“Local residents have called my office and labeled this project ‘Virg’s Sidewalk to Nowhere.’ They are complaining about such a use of 1.3 million tax dollars at this time of budget shortfalls,” Jones said. “They are also asking: Why doesn’t Mayor Virg Bernero have a sidewalk in front of his own home? Shouldn’t he personally pay for a sidewalk in front of his house and keep it shoveled, at a time when the media is reporting on the city fining seniors who cannot shovel their walk?”

See attached documents for further information: Virg letter 12-17-2010.pdf  TIP_Amendment_Lansing.pdf