Jones bill to cut auto insurance rates for seniors

Sen. Rick Jones

Sen. Rick Jones

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Rick Jones on Thursday introduced legislation to reduce auto insurance rates for seniors in Michigan.

“I have supported auto insurance reform for 13 years for everyone,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “However, the House has not found the votes to get it done.”

In Michigan, when drivers turn age 65 and go on Medicare, their auto insurance rates go up because Medicare does not coordinate with Michigan auto insurance. Michigan’s auto insurance law includes unlimited coverage for catastrophic injuries with no cap. The other 49 states all have a cap.

“Most seniors live on a fixed income and cannot afford the skyrocketing auto insurance rates,” Jones said.

Under Senate Bill 787, seniors age 65 and older could have an option to leave the system and request a cap on their auto insurance. They also would not have to pay into the catastrophic fund.

“Seniors have worked hard all their lives, and they deserve to have an option to choose a different auto insurance system they can afford,” Jones said. “I will continue to fight for comprehensive auto insurance reform for everyone. A good start would be to help seniors.”