Jones bill would protect Michigan students


Jones bill would protect Michigan students

LANSING—Legislation requiring private security guards or private college security forces to notify a law enforcement agency when a crime is committed was signed into law by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson on Monday, said sponsor Sen. Rick Jones.

“I have experience in both campus security and 31 years as a police officer,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “When a crime is committed the police need to be notified so a proper investigation can be done. This law will ensure that violent crimes such as assault and rape will be reported. Under the new law, not reporting a crime is a 90-day misdemeanor with a fine of no more than $1,000.

The Chiefs of Police organization made Jones aware that crimes were going unreported and proper investigations were not being done and asked him to sponsor the legislation.

Public Act 591 of 2012 was introduced in response to more than one instance of criminal activity going unreported at Andrews University, a private college located in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Another example of alleged untimely reporting occurred on the campus of the University of Michigan. According to university records and statements, a resident allegedly found several files containing child pornography on a computer in a locked lounge in the Pediatric Emergency Department. The resident met with her supervisors and hospital security officials, sharing what she had seen. University officials waited six months before reporting the incident to university police.

“In short, this bill requires private security forces to speak up when a crime is committed,” Jones said. “There are many examples of horrific behavior continuing because someone did not speak up; one of the most notable examples was the scandal that took place at Penn State University. I would hate for something like that to happen in the great state of Michigan. There is no excuse for a security guard to fail to report crimes of violence or dangerous situations to the police. The safety of everyone is the most important factor.”