Jones: Doctors convicted of rape should have licenses revoked

LANSING – Legislation to help protect patients from doctors convicted of felonies for certain violent crimes was signed into law Tuesday, said sponsor Sen. Rick Jones.

"Doctors and other health care professionals are supposed to take care of their patients, not sexually assault them," said Jones, R-Grand Ledge, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Under Public Act 222 of 2011 (Senate Bill 235), health care professionals convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) 1, 2 or 3 can have their licenses or registration permanently revoked. Additionally, licenses permanently revoked for any of those crimes cannot be reinstated.

Jones sponsored the new law after he was contacted by a woman who was assaulted by her dentist, Donald Quinn. The Farmington Hills dentist had his license renewed following a conviction of rape and other CSC violations.          

"Individuals convicted of rape and other sex crimes should not be practicing medicine. As a former sheriff, I'm glad that this new law to help protect people across Michigan is on the books now," Jones said.