Jones encourages parents to protect children online during Internet Safety Month

Sen. Rick Jones

Sen. Rick Jones

LANSING, Mich. Sen. Rick Jones is encouraging residents to protect themselves and their children online, including joining the Michigan Child Protection Registry to block harmful and inappropriate content.

“Each year, technology continues to advance and has an ever-increasing impact on our daily lives,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “While these advances have provided us with increased access to information and our friends, it is important to protect ourselves from security breaches that could compromise our privacy.”

June is recognized annually as National Internet Safety Month as a means to spread awareness of the various ways residents can keep themselves and their families safe online.

“One great tool to help protect families is the Michigan Child Protection Registry,” Jones said. “I encourage residents to sign up for this free and secure program that parents can use to keep their children safe from online predators and unwanted adult advertising.”

The registry is a service that blocks adult-oriented material from reaching a child’s email inbox, cell phone or instant messenger ID. For more information or to join the registry, please visit

Jones said that another way to protect personal identity and information online is to simply exercise good judgment, such as keeping passwords updated regularly, not sharing them with anyone and never clicking on links that are unfamiliar or opening emails from unknown senders. Having security software on all internet-connected devices and keeping it up to date are also of the utmost importance.

“The internet and smartphones have placed an infinite amount of wisdom at the end of our fingertips,” Jones said. “Internet Safety Month is a reminder to take the steps to ensure your family has a safe and enjoyable time online.”