Jones: Ending lawmakers lifetime health care will save millions

LANSING — Lifetime health care benefits for state lawmakers would end, saving taxpayers more than $5 million a year, under legislation approved by the Michigan Senate Wednesday, said supporter Sen. Rick Jones.

“I have been fighting to end this obscene benefit for more than three years,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “I’m happy we are now taking action to repeal this practice.”

Jones sponsored Senate Bill 26 that would have stopped lawmakers from receiving lifetime health care benefits after serving only six years. The measure would have made the health care benefits senators receive similar to what state employees receive.

When the House bill moved first, Jones supported it as an alternative solution.

“Lifetime health care benefits after only six years of service is ludicrous,” Jones said. “This reform will save Michigan taxpayers more than $5 million a year. I look forward to seeing Governor Snyder sign this overdue and key measure into law.”

The bill, which received approval by the state House of Representatives in June, returns there for concurrence. House Bill 4807 would then advance to the governor for his signature.