Jones: Michigan must change

LANSING – State Sen. Rick Jones gave Gov. Rick Snyder high marks Wednesday for recognizing that Michigan must transform and offering a roadmap in his State of the State address on how to reinvent the state.

“Everyone wants reforms, but no one wants change. Everyone needs to have an epiphany and realize that we are in a crisis and change is necessary,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “The last governor did not take care of the structural deficit in the state budget because she relied on federal money to plug the gaps. I welcome Governor Snyder’s call that we will not play ‘kick the can down the road to the next year.’

“Now the heavy lifting needs to be done and Governor Snyder has given us an outline on reinventing Michigan. I am ready to work hard with both the governor and the House to fix Michigan for our children and future children.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder gave his first State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature on Wednesday night, stressing economic development and reform.

“I am excited that Michigan now has a governor who understands that to attract investment and create jobs you must cut the unnecessary red tape and burdensome taxes,” Jones said. “Realizing the governor’s vision will not be easy, but reinventing Michigan to revitalize our economy and create jobs is worth the effort.”

Jones added: “Governor Snyder knows the status quo isn’t working, and tonight he charted a new course. I especially liked the governor’s remarks ‘job one is jobs’ and ‘the old impossible is the new achievable.’ It is a positive tone to accomplish real results. My fellow Republicans and I are united in our commitment to do what our residents elected us to do: cut spending, reduce regulations and get Michigan working again.”