Medical marijuana being used to influence voting


LANSING — State Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, reported Wednesday that he was outraged to learn that medical marijuana is being used to influence voting. He has contacted the Michigan attorney general’s office regarding this situation.

Your Healthy Choice Clinic, a Lansing medical marijuana clinic is offering free pot to individuals who register to vote.

Content posted on the clinic’s website under the link: “Protect Your Access! Vote 2011,” reads: “All dispensaries are doing a voter registration drive. If you sign up at Your Healthy Choice, we will assist you in filling out the registration form and will mail it out for you. … So in appreciation, we will reward legal patients with a .5 gram free or a free medible!”

The term “medible” refers to edible marijuana.

The same site goes on to say that voters should support candidates Derrick Quinney, A’Lynne Robinson, and Harold Leeman for the Lansing City Council, and not Carol Wood or Jody Washington.

“Giving away free marijuana to influence voting is outrageous and must be stopped,” Jones said. “I will be working with the attorney general on whether additional legislation is needed.”