Medical Marijuana

Three years ago Michigan voters approved a new state law allowing the use of medical marijuana. Unfortunately, this act is riddled with as many holes as a hunk of Swiss cheese.

Even the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws association admits that the Michigan law was written by groups who support the legalization of marijuana altogether, and that the law was written vaguely. The ambiguity of the law is causing problems for our local communities and law enforcement officials.

A recent poll conducted by Marketing Resource Group and Inside Michigan Politics found that 52 percent of supporters believe the law should be reformed to address concerns of both the Legislature and the state courts.

That is why I am working hard on legislation to help clear up some of the concerns raised since medical marijuana was legalized in Michigan.

I have sponsored Senate Bills 504 and 505 to help crack down on the lax regulation of medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 504 would prohibit the selling of medical marijuana at facilities often known as “dispensaries” within 1,000 feet of a church/place of worship or school zone. SB 505 would prohibit convicted felons from registering to be caregivers and selling medical marijuana at dispensaries.

Other changes to the Medical Marijuana Act currently being considered include:

1) Defining a doctor/patient relationship, as currently there is nothing in the law addressing this issue;
2) Addressing how medical marijuana is transported in vehicles; and
3) Ensuring medical marijuana is not a covered benefit for no-fault insurance claims and workers comp claims.

As a former sheriff, this is an issue I am dedicated to. I ensure you that I will not stop until the holes currently in the Medical Marijuana Act are addressed.