Muskegon abortion clinic closed due to code violations

Muskegon abortion clinic closed due to code violations

LANSING— A Muskegon abortion clinic that had multiple code violations has been shut down by the city, said state Sen. Rick Jones.

“When any medical procedure is taking place, the utmost safety needs to be the top concern,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge.

In December of last year the Michigan Senate passed an omnibus bill that called for stricter regulations on abortion clinics in Michigan. The package went through the Senate Judiciary Committee chaired by Jones, and Jones worked to pass the measure.

Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffery Lewis released a redacted list of violations that were discovered after Muskegon police investigated a reported break-in at the clinic.

The eight alleged city violations included:
• Leaking roof;
• “Poor housekeeping resulting in a large fire load”;
• Several containers of hazardous materials not stored in cabinets;
• Combustible materials stored near ignition sources;
• No fire extinguishers;
• No key box for fire department emergency access;
• Storage in mechanical and electrical room blocking electrical panels and furnace; and
• Absence of exit signs and emergency lighting.

Other alleged violations include: Used hypodermic needles in unsecured containers, “blood” on the floor and walls in multiple locations as well as dripping from a sink trap in a patient room, and “uncovered buckets containing unknown fluids” in the operating room.

“These violations are proof that the legislation passed late last year was completely necessary,” Jones said.  “Reports of blood on the floor and walls and uncovered buckets containing unknown liquids is what I would expect on the set of a horror movie, not at a medical facility.”

At this point, there are no intentions to reopen the clinic.