News Advisory – Sen. Rick Jones – Senate Judiciary Committee


WHAT: DNA from Inmates

SB 346 Senator Schuitmaker bill will provide that DNA is taken from all Michigan prison inmates.  This could close many “cold cases” leading to murders and rapes being solved.

Increased Action for Dog fighting

SB 356 Senator Jones bill will subject the property of a person convicted of being in animal fighting to forfeiture.

SB 357 Senator Johnson’s bill will allow the place where the illegal conduct took place to be declared a nuisance, thus allowing local authorities to padlock the property.

SB 358 Senator Bieda’s bill would subject the groups that engage in animal fighting for material gain to prosecution un the racketeering (RICO) statute, which could result in longer prison sentences and/or greater fines.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 10th 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: 110 Farnum Building