Sen. Jones office is open for business

LANSING – Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, announced at 9 a.m. today that his office is open and ready for business.  Several media sources had reported that some people were upset with news reports that the Michigan Senate and House had closed down for two snow days.

“The Senate leadership decided to stop committee hearings for Wednesday and Thursday to safeguard all of the citizens that need to attend those hearings.  The decision was bipartisan,” said Jones. “I continued to work yesterday from Grand Ledge.  I answered e-mail, made phone calls, met with people in coffee shops and even took calls from two reporters.  I also offered to drive any emergency state employees into work.  My 2002 Ford Escape 4 x 4 provided great transportation driving around the Grand Ledge and Lansing areas.” 

Jones added: “Today I’m back at my desk; my staff is here; and I’m prepared for a full day of meetings.  Other senators are working from their districts and the work of the Senate continues to go on.