Senate approves Jones legislation to protect the eyesight of Michiganders

LANSING—Sen. Rick Jones’ legislation that prevents kiosks that provide automated eye exams -or “robo-doctors”- from coming to Michigan was recently approved by the Michigan Senate.

“By passing this bill we are making sure that residents will continue to get the proper care and eye exams they need,” said Jones R-Grand Ledge. “Eyesight is too precious to trust to a machine at a kiosk in a parking lot.”

Senate Bill 853 allows for only an optometrist or a licensed physician specializing in eye care to conduct eye exams and write prescriptions. The legislation also, prohibits the use of automated testing devices to conduct eye exams without the supervision of a doctor.

“Certain diseases need to be diagnosed by experts,” Jones said “Those machines cannot check for diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, hypertension or diabetes.”