Senate Judiciary Committee to review statute of limitations

LANSING — As chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, announced Thursday that the panel will review Michigan’s statute of limitations on crimes such as kidnapping, assault with intent to commit murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.

Jones will work with the prosecutors association to do a complete review.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings recently announced that Brandon D’Annunzio’s death is a case of manslaughter, but he cannot bring charges due to the 10 year statute of limitations.

After hearing about the 10 year anniversary of D’Annunzio’s death, a witness to the crime came forward. Police say 24-year-old D’Annunzio was assaulted in East Lansing. After being punched, he fell backwards striking his head. He died from the injuries.

“I can only imagine the pain of a parent who has had a son or daughter murdered and then finds out the perpetrator cannot be brought to justice,” Jones said. “I want to do a complete review of the statute of limitations and plan to increase some of the times. We keep lengthening the period that someone can be freed from a conviction because of modern science such as DNA testing. Certainly we should also lengthen the time that a crime can be charged.”