Senate unanimous on Jones bill


Senate unanimous on Jones bill

LANSING—Legislation that would help protect Michigan law enforcement agencies throughout the state from violating the Constitution was unanimously approved by the Michigan Senate on Wednesday, said sponsor Sen Rick Jones.

Senate Bill 94 would prohibit state and local officials from aiding the federal government in the detention of a U.S. citizen if charges are not brought.  The National Defense Act allows the federal government to detain people for an unlimited time without charges being brought against them.  Many states are asserting 10th Amendment rights and passing laws to prevent their law enforcement officials from participating in an unconstitutional act.

“Today, the Michigan Senate stands historically with the senators from 1855,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge “In 1855 Michigan stood against the federal Fugitive Slave Act.  The liberty law was passed and gave escaped slaves habeas corpus and trial by jury.”  “Today with SB 94 we are saying that if the federal government grabs a citizen off the street and holds him against his will without charges, we will not assist with that unconstitutional act.”

The bill was supported by both the American Civil Liberties Union and Tea Party groups.