State Sen. Jones supports cutting road commissions

LANSING—Legislation that would allow road commissions to be cut by local governmental units passed the Senate on Thursday.

Michigan is currently the only state that has road commissioners. While some are elected, many are appointed and have little to no accountability to the citizens of the county they serve. Currently, Wayne and Macomb are the only Michigan counties with legislative authority to dissolve their road commissions so this measure would not affect these counties.

House Bills 5125 and 5126 would allow for the consolidation of county road commissions by transferring the duties and responsibilities to the county board of commissioners.

“I have heard from many citizens in both Ingham and Eaton Counties that they want to cut their road commissions and save the money for road repair,” said Jones. “Today the Senate passed legislation allowing local control and the termination of road commissions.”

Road commissioners serve the county as a whole, not a representative district. Under the bills, county commissioners who are already elected by a district will represent road issues of that district. Additionally, county commissioners are elected every two years, compared to a six-year term of road commissioners, making county commissioners more accountable to the electorate.