State Sen. Rick Jones issues statement following Gov. Snyder’s special message on public safety

State Sen. Rick Jones issues statement following Gov. Snyder’s special message on public safety

LANSING— Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, on Wednesday issued the statement below following Gov. Rick Snyder’s special message on education.

“As a former sheriff, I could not be more pleased with what Gov. Snyder said in his address. Michigan has four of the most dangerous cities in America, and the governor charted an immediate course of action to help to curb crimes rates in these cities and across Michigan.

“In order to help reduce the crime rate, the fiscal year 2013 executive budget called for $15 million to the Michigan State Police (MSP) for two trooper recruit schools, for a total addition of 180 troopers, to serve as a force multiplier and ensure the MSP has the staffing to partner with local and federal law enforcement to secure these four cities.

“Governor Snyder covered multiple topics and his plan to help improve the crime rate in these areas.

“The governor made it clear that combating domestic violence and sexual assault must become a priority across Michigan. The speech highlighted the dangerous and direct correlation between the two, and called for more training and an updated sexual assault evidence kit to help officers recognize signs of domestic violence and to help convict more offenders.

“Hopefully, these steps, paired with legislation I introduced in the Senate (SBs 845-848)  that gives judges the ability to use prior domestic violence convictions to issue longer jail sentences to repeat offenders, will help reduce domestic violence and sexual assault.  

“Prescription drug trafficking and the many problems that drugs continue to cause in every community were also mentioned by the governor.  The governor addressed the problem of drug seekers, who lie to doctors in order to get prescriptions such as vicodin, in order to re-sell them. Luckily, the Legislature passed PA 44 that allows for greater electronic monitoring by pharmacies of individuals in order to help reduce this problem.

“However, in order to continue to lessen drug abuse among Michigan citizens we must be able to act swiftly as new drugs hit the market. This is why I sponsored Senate Bill 789 which allows the Michigan Board of Pharmacy board to temporarily ban new synthetic drugs until the Legislature has time to act, which ensures that they are rapidly taken off the shelf to protect citizens from dangerous chemicals.

“I look forward to the implementation of polices put forth by Governor Snyder and the positive effect they will have on villages, cities and towns across Michigan.”