Foil vs Rotary Shaver

Foil vs Rotary Shaver: Which one Should You Choose

We take regular trips to the barber shops depending on our rate of hair growth and also our preferable styles and fashion. Some men have maintained the culture of self-maintaining the beard using different types of blades. Available in the market today are electric blades; foil and rotary shavers. Most men are in the dilemma of choosing between the two. This article will help you in case you have ever found yourself in the dilemma of Foil vs Rotary Shaver- Which one Should You Choose, this article will help you get through.

Below are guidelines to help you choose between a foil and a rotary shaver.

  • What is a Foil Shaver?

A foil shaver is an electric razor having alternating blades at its top. A thin metallic foil layer covers the blades. This aluminum layer is the significant feature of the electric razor. The foils are designed with holes which trap hair into the shaver. The trapped hair meets the oscillating blades which are slightly behind the foil. The blades operate back and forth to cut any hair that enters the foil. The practical technique of the foil shaver is advanced and very much efficient for effective shaving.

  • What Is A Rotary Shaver?

A rotary shaver on the other is the electric razor which has a distinctive feature of having three circular heads that work together to create a combined spinning head to cut beards. The shaver is designed with lines allowing it to trap hair. The trapped hair is cut very close to the skin. This electric shaver requires the user to move the machine in a circular motion across the outlines of the face-best for the chin and jawline.

What Are The Similarities of The Rotary And Foil Shaver?

  • They both rechargeable internal battery

The foil shaver and rotary shavers come fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery stores enough power to shave for at least sixty minutes. As an experienced shaver, you may need less than ten minutes to complete your trimming process. Electric shavers are therefore more efficient when there is no electrical power in the mornings. You are always safe if it is recharged…

  • They both have a flexible head

Both the foil shaver and rotary shavers have slightly flexible heads. The flexibility of the head allows the shaver to move effectively along the facial features. The shape of the jaws and the cheekbone requires some slight flexibility of the shaver for the most effective results. This makes the electric shavers more effective than the traditional shavers.

  • They both take care of the skin

You need to find the best blade for trimming your beards. Finding the best blade will depend on your hair texture. The rotary blade is ideal shaver for rough, kinky hair while the foil shaver is best for soft hair around the face. Finding the best blade for your skin and hair keeps after-shave irritation at bay. They are designed to take care of the skin without making cuts and incisions on your skin.

  • Ease of operation

The blades are both designed for daily self-use. This means that within a short time of following the manual prompts and regular practice, you become a pro in making your own beard spotless clean. You do not need any specialized barber training to use these two types of blades.

The blades come with additional accessories.

The blades come with additional accessories in the packaging. The accessories include the trimmer which you can use to shape your sideburns and mustache as well. This gives a great professional look

Specially designed for use in both dry and wet conditions.

Despite being electrical blades, you need not worry about getting electrocuted while using any of the blades around water. This is because both blades are both designed to operate even in the shower efficiently. You can also rinse it at the tap when you finish, and it remains all intact and operational.

Differences between Foil and Rotary Blades

Foil shaver blades

  • Difference in speed

The foil shaver works relatively faster compared to the rotary shaver. The foil shaver is faster because of the speedy vibrations of its foil cutters. The rotary shaver, however, rotates and may need a few extra spins to get a clean shave. The foil shaver is faster compared to the rotary shaver

  • The difference in the mode of operation

The rotary shaver operates using blades which rotate to grab and cut the grasped hair. The foil shaver, on the other hand, uses cutters behind the metallic foils which alternate back and forth while cutting any hair that gets trapped in the foil holes. This is because they are built differently.

  • Noise Pollution

The rotary shaver operates slightly silently because of how it is engineered. The foil shaver, on the other hand, is relatively noisy. Most users narrated the incidences when the noise even woke up their sleeping partners. The results of the foil shaver are however astounding.

  • The operational technology

The foil shaver is fitted with advanced sonic technology. This form of technology enables the shaving machine to adjust to the density of your hairbreadth. The device will automatically adjust to produce exact amounts of forces needed to do away with the hair. The rotary shaver is not fitted with this form of technology, and you will, therefore, have to be extra cautious while making a shave.

  • The results of using the machines

Users of the rotary shaver have reported some cases of slight irritation. This is not the case with foil shaver. The rotary shaver is not able to enter some deep hairy corners like the blades may not reach the beard edges and sideburns. The foil shaver, on the other hand, seeks hair from almost all angles. Reported cases of skin irritation are also minimal. You need to try both to find the best shaver for you.

Which hair do they each shave best?

The rotary shaver is ideal for naturally thick, coarse hair. The hair does not have to be too much shaggy because the hair texture differs from one person to another. Some of us grow coarse hair naturally. This shaver is, therefore, the best one for the ones with naturally coarse hair. The foil shaver, on the other hand, is the best for smooth, soft hair and sensitive skin. The rotary shaver is more recommendable for the people with coarse hair. Here are some good shavers 2019 based on your requirements such as budget, shaving behavior or even special use like ball shaving, back shaving or private area shaving.

In Conclusion

The above information gives detailed information on the rotary and foil shavers. Both are electric blades for shaving easy daily shaving. We went further ahead to look at their differences and similarities. From the outlined information, it is important to note that both blades are specifically designed for use in any environment be it wet or dry. Should you find yourself stuck in a dilemma of foil vs rotary shaver- Which one should you choose? Consider key factors like your hair texture and skin sensitivity to get the best shaver. You may also experiment using both blades to get the most effective shaver for you.

What Veterans Can Teach Us

Acquiring the title of a Veteran or being recognized among men and women as a reputable veteran is not something that comes in naturally. Ideally, not everybody is called upon to put his or her life in the line of duty to defend or safeguard something especially like what happens in the military.

You will agree with me that such people who undertake demanding jobs are well vast and experienced in that field. Surprisingly what makes them success may or may not be attached to their skill but other humanitarian traits that they picked up in the line of duty.

This article has tried to’ mine’ out some of these traits and presents comprehensive tutorials of what you can learn as an ordinary person from a veteran.  

Veterans are dignified and honored people in the world. US government has gone ahead to set up November 11th every year as the day to honor, award and appreciate her veterans. Some of the moral lessons to what veterans can teach us to include in our life are the following

Importance of working as teamwork

When soldiers are on duty the critical determinant of mission success is their coordination and corporation. Here individual diversity is never considerate. Without collaboration, coordination and corporation are never present, and the mission stands a chance of failing terribly. Veterans know the true meaning of being your brothers’ keeper.

Veterans go through severe trauma and death threatening encounters’ in life, but teamwork always keeps them going. In deadly issues, external issues take the backburner; people come together to face the monster and accomplish what is ahead of them.

According to veterans, teamwork is a pillar towards achieving success in life.

Importance of working under stress

No one becomes a veteran without taking up several challenges and accomplishing them on time and correctly. Some challenge may require you to sacrifice on staffs like being with your family, going for fun with friends, sometimes even eating among others.

Imagine a case of soldiers on a battlefield who have to make quite difficult decisions with little information about their enemy all aimed at increasing chances of winning the battle and coming out alive. Such experiences give you no time to start stressing yourself with life encounter. It is a do or die mission, and you have to move on.

Veterans take time to figure out, do analysis and plans for the best results. This should also be a take-up home moral lesson as a common person. When in demanding task ahead with limited time, veterans advise that you do not need to start agonizing over it, plans before, and walk the plan.

The need to value change

In planned encounters, like military missions changes in inevitable. Accordingly to Marty Stewart, a renowned veteran who worked within US military for 22 years nine of who includes service in the Army National Guard that included deployment to Iraq battlefield, learning to cope with changes whenever they come is a must. Stewart points out that some changes may be the avenue for you to see what is on the other side and probably the channel to succeed. 

Other veterans advise that it is good to embrace change even if it is beyond your comfort zone. Even successful business people in life have learned to accept changes and align themselves by actually using those changes positively to proper grow their business. They say opportunities do not come; you create it so change. We all face a drastic change in our day to day life. Obsessing and trying to resist change never help us. We need to be flexible to what we hold as plans and adjust to better our life.

Our freedom value

When the military is on the battlefield, what they value more is their freedom. That is why when they are facing an enemy who is a threat to their freedom they will plan to reorganize and plan again so that after winning they regain their independence. 

Imagine living in a country where the only thing you hear is bomb sounds and gunshots flying in all directions. Also, imagine being in a situation where all you want is education, food, and shelter but those basic needs cannot reach you since they are reprimanded and confiscated. Some people out there have no access to what we see as common things to us.

When one is called to offer and restore certainty in such a community or country, one gets a lifetime experience. That is why military veterans will advise and teach people the need to value freedom among themselves and that of their friends.

Need to appreciate yourself

Lastly, veterans teach ordinary persons the need to appreciate their self at any time. US  military, for example, leaves behind their loved us and travel to far countries like Iraq, Kuwait, Somalia among other deadly battlefields and still comes back home alive or not. Those who come back live counts, that as great experience.

The best thing, therefore, you can learn from a veteran is the need to appreciate your effort at that awkward moment of your life. Most vets will tell you to remember that you have ever won somewhere and indeed, you will win again.

If veterans can teach us all the above and yet there have gone fearful encounters in life who are we not to get encouraged. Wake up from your slander and keep the wheel of life rolling.