Jones introduces legislation to bring oil refinery to Michigan

State Sen. Rick Jones on Wednesday introduced legislation that would offer tax relief to oil companies who build refineries in Michigan. In recent months, Michigan has had some of the highest fuel prices in the country.

“Today I’m calling for new refinery construction to supply Michigan with gasoline,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “This measure would create a ten-year exemption on property taxes as well as personnel property taxes on the equipment necessary for the refining process. I will also do everything I can to make sure that permits are granted in a timely fashion.”

Gasoline representatives have told media sources that Michigan gas prices are high because two refineries were down for maintenance and others are out of commission with other problems.

“I hope this legislation is passed and that it will encourage a refinery to be built in Michigan,” Jones said. “Tourism in Michigan is major industry and higher gas prices will stop people from vacationing in Michigan.”

In the past, Sen. Jones has taken a stand against higher gas taxes in Michigan.