Sen. Jones demands Congress investigate Michigan gas prices

Sen Rick Jones on Tuesday introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 72, which urges congress to investigate high fuel costs in Michigan.

“Over the past few weeks, Michigan motorists have faced some of the highest gas prices in the country,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “If gas prices do not go down soon, it is going to hamper budgets of families across Michigan.”

Experts in the oil industry point to factors such as increased demand paired with lower supplies, refineries being down and insufficient refinery capacity for the recent soar in gas prices.

“If refineries are down in Illinois and Indiana, this is an interstate commerce issue, and I believe this warrants a federal investigation.” Jones added 

However, Jones believes an investigation is necessary to ensure of the residents of Michigan are not being price gouged. 

“I hope that gas prices return to normal soon,” Jones said. “However, I think the reason for this unexpected price increase needs to be discovered so warning signs can be identified and long-term solutions can be found.

“Tourism is a vitally important industry to our state, and the higher that gas prices become the harder it will be for Michigan families to travel.”